Market Assessment

Pulse undertakes market research, market assessments and market analysis. This may be a standalone exercise or as part of our other services, e.g. Business and Financial Planning. It is important for VCFSEs to understand the needs of their service users and key stakeholders, who their competitors are, and their market position. Our services include:

Case Studies

Market Trends Analysis for New Bereavement Service

Pulse provided a market review to help the Dove Service establish a new Bereavement Service. Working closely with the CEO and Trustees, our support included reviewing information and consulting with partners to establish the demand for the services, This included research into different geographical areas, the local policy context, a review of market trends, secondary research, competitor analysis, and consultation with a range of stakeholders. The work resulted in the development of business model options and appraisal which was then take forward through a business plan.

Market Research for Growth of Care Experienced Services

Pulse undertook market research to support the development of a Business Growth Plan for GMYN. This included researching the commissioning landscape for their care experienced services within the 10 Greater Manchester boroughs, a competitor analysis, the opportunity to develop approaches to corporates for sponsorship and investment, and researching cost savings to help make the case for investment. The research was developed into an outline Business Model for GMYN.

Market Assessment for Education Training Service

Pulse provided market research and development support for 1point based in Bolton for a new therapeutic Training Service. This included a market review, to understand the national, regional, and local policy context, market trends for mental health services and training provision, competitor analysis, SWOT Analysis, and review of future potential demand. The work led to the development of a business case which was presented to the Board for approval.